About Us


Sela Medical Ltd. was founded in 2001 with the intention of implementing all the obtained knowledge and professionalism of its team. Sela Medical is a solid and well established distributor within the Israeli market. Among our customers are all the Israeli hospitals, private clinics, the ministry of health, the ministry of defense and the Israeli Defense Forces.

Our strategy
We believe that by focusing on the distribution of a limited number of agencies, we will gain high market share for those companies. We promise our suppliers full dedication and attention in promoting their products in Israel.

Our mission
Our mission is to deliver premier healthcare products for doctors and patients. We are dedicated to an absolute customers satisfaction and to building a long-term service-oriented relationship with our clients.

Our sales team
Our sales team consists of 3 divisions managers, 12 sales representatives and 3 customer service persons.
Our team is highly trained and functions in small and effective teams for optimal results.

Sela Medical’s focus is on importing and marketing disposable and reusable high-tech products in the following medical specialties:

* Neuroradiology

* Urology

* Urogynecology

* Peripherals Intervention

* Aesthetics

* Surgery

* Ultrasound

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